UAE diesel, petrol prices to rise from Jan. 1

Diesel prices to rise to AED 1.94 a litre, Ministry of Energy says

Petrol and diesel prices in the UAE will rise from January 1, the Ministry of Energy said.

Diesel, which is used heavily in machinery and construction, will cost AED 1.94 a litre, up from AED 1.81 this month, a 7.1% rise.

Super 98 will cost AED 1.91 a litre, compared to AED 1.80 today, while Special 95 will cost AED 1.80 (from AED 1.69) and E Plus will cost Dh1.73, up from AED 1.62.

The UAE government cut costly subsidies on fuel last year. Officials in the UAE now set prices monthly, tracking the open market more closely than when the subsidies were in place.

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