Convictions against Safi Qurashi overturned

UK citizen has two convictions overturned by the Cassation Court, third to be heard on July 30

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Two convictions against Safi Qurashi, the British property developer jailed in Dubai, have been overturned by the Cassation Court.

The London-born developer, who moved to Dubai in 2004 and paid $60m to buy a manmade island in the shape of Great Britain on Nakheel’s ‘The World,’ told the court he had written the cheques as security, and they should have been returned rather than cashed.

Qurashi was sentenced to seven years in 2010 for issuing three bounced cheques.

The third conviction, to be revisited at a hearing on July 30, relates to a cheque which had been cashed by the recipient, despite the fact the project had been cancelled.

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