Hutchison Ports Sohar to boost efficiency with truck ‘Autogate’ system

The new technology promises to make shipments faster, safer and more secure

Following the success of the Truck Appointment System (TAS) launched earlier this year, Hutchison Ports Sohar in the Sultanate of Oman is set to launch the first phase of an automated gate system, the company said in a statement.

The new system uses smart card technology, optical character recognition (OCR) cameras and unmanned gate kiosks to allow registered drivers to simply drive through Hutchison Ports Sohar terminal gates with no documentation or delays. Drivers will no longer need to exit their vehicles while shipping and logistics companies can expect easier gate transactions.

According to Albert Pang, CEO of Hutchison Ports Sohar, gate automation, when combined with the TAS will make pickups and deliveries from the terminal more secure and up to ten times faster.

“Gate automation is the latest innovation from Hutchison Ports Sohar. With these new technologies, we aim to benefit our stakeholders, including drivers and logistics service providers,” affirmed Pang.

Gate automation utilises smart technologies which include smart cards that store driver information and are machine readable, cameras that allow the system to recognize pre-registered trucks, and gate kiosks to scan the smart cards and shipment codes.

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