Volvo CE unveils new brand campaign with focus on sustainability

Campaign running throughout 2017 highlights the company’s purpose ‘to build the world we want to live in’


Global construction equipment giant Volvo CE has launched a new brand campaign for 2017, called ‘Building Tomorrow’, to promote how the company is driving a more sustainable future.

Running throughout 2017, the campaign is supported by a series of short films, profiling Volvo CE customers using Volvo machines in an array of construction projects, said the Swedish machinery giant in a statement.

“‘To build the world we want to live in’ is an ambitious statement, but one that brings alignment and purpose to Volvo CE’s sustainability ambitions,” said Martin Weissburg, member of the Volvo Group executive board and president of Volvo CE.

The statement added that the first film in the series, which is available to watch now, shows how Volvo CE machines facilitate the building of the iconic ICEHOTEL in northern Sweden in an area of the country where the winter sees temperatures drop to -40 degrees Celsius. Since 1989, the ICEHOTEL has been re-built every year, with help from Volvo machines, using ice harvested from the nearby Torne River. This year, the ICEHOTEL takes its sustainability initiative to a new level, by launching ICEHOTEL 365 – a year-round hotel made of ice, cooled by solar power – a step which takes the hotel even closer to achieving its goal of becoming CO2 negative.

“We chose to feature the ICEHOTEL in the brand campaign because it embodies the Swedish heritage of the Volvo brand. It is an innovative project, representative of its distinctive national culture, and above all, supports the Volvo CE purpose – ‘to build the world we want to live in’, said Bill Law, senior vice president of corporate communications at Volvo CE.

The film series culminates with a final brand film, ‘Good morning tomorrow’, which profiles a range of customer success stories, all aiming to build a better future for society.

Apart from focusing on sustainability, the campaign also supports the Volvo brand’s heritage and record in safety, quality, and environmental care, said the statement. Furthermore, ‘Building Tomorrow’ reinforces the Volvo Group’s mission of ‘driving prosperity through transport solutions’, as it highlights how Volvo machines are contributing to both customer and company success.

“As a result, the campaign promotes Volvo customers’ businesses, and, we hope, motivates others to work towards a sustainable future, too,” said Niklas Nillroth, vice president of environment and sustainability at Volvo CE.

“The world is transforming, customer requirements are changing, and with this human-centric approach we want to show how Volvo will continue making a difference for people everywhere, now and in the future,” added Law. “We believe in a sustainable future. And together, with our customers, we are turning this belief into a reality.”

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