FM franchise model established for Africa

Reliance FM tells The Big Project that it will provide opportunities for FM start ups across continent

It’s one of the most popular business models on the planet, immortalising golden arches and six inch sandwiches, amongst other things. Now one Dubai-based FM firm is looking to capture the same success for its overseas expansion programme.

Reliance FM (RFM) has embarked on an international growth strategy by launching its business under a franchise model in Africa.

“For me, this is about making something happen that nobody has thought about,” chief executive Dilip Khatwani commented.

RFM will provide opportunity to business looking to break into Africa’s FM market, by supplying full branding; a trained FM professional under a two year agreement; FM software under locally procured licenses; and referral clients known to RFM.

The franchisee will be responsible for staffing the operation and providing local contracts. Franchising fees and annual profit percentages will be payable to RFM.

“I have had mixed reports from global players on the idea, but if the franchising model can work for other industries why not for FM?”

“We are floating the franchise model for new markets currently, and that process began eight months ago,” Khatwani continued.

“This will take care of a major gap in the industry. FM is such a big sector to teach, so having this model is a smart move for that guidance,” he added.

Formerly working for CB Richard Ellis, Khatwani established Reliance FM in Dubai in 2003, ahead of his prediction that the real estate market would soon shift its focus from construction to maintenance.

“FM has always struggled to find an identity in construction but recently that has changed and people are becoming aware that a huge percentage of a project’s budget is spent on actually maintaining a building after it is completed.”


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