Saudi Arabia signs sewage and water contracts worth $81.5m

Contracts include implementation works for networks across Kingdom

The Saudi Arabian Minister of Water and Electricity has signed a series of contracts worth $81.59m to complete several sewage and water treatment projects across the Kingdom, it was announced on Monday.

The contracts include implementation works for the sewage networks in Jazan, Tabuk and the Eastern Region of the country. The each project will cost $28.6m, $21.25m and $3.57m respectively.

Furthermore there are also contracts up for grabs that include supply and operation of water meters and remotely-controlled devices in Qatif and nearby towns and the Eastern Regions, at a cost of $3m.

There is also a sewage line transfer project in Madinah and a water project in Mahd town. The ministry is also working on another water project worth $2.6m in the Wajh area of the Kingdom.

The contracts cover other projects related to the setting up of dams and the improvement of water and sewage networks across the Kingdom.

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