Kuwait MoE appoints contractor for distillation

Babcock Borsing Service Kuwait to carry out repair and replacement work on units for up to three years

The Kuwait Ministry of Electricity has appointed Babcock Borsing Service Kuwait to carry out repair and replacement works on three distillation units at the Shuwaikh Power and Distillation Station.

The scope of the project, which is valued in excess of $10.5m, will see Babcock Borsing carry out design, procurement, refurbishment, testing, commissioning and maintenance services for a period of three years.

Each distillation unit has a capacity of 6MIGPD and BBS said that it would propose an increase in the efficiency/output package using its patented Steam Recirculation System and Improved Brine Recirculation Circuit.

The change is in line with Kuwait’s plan to raise the desalinated water capacity within the next five years from 1.85bn litres per day to 2.64bn litres per day as it seeks to shrug off its tag as one of the countries with the least secure water supply in the world.

“With this contract, Babcock Borsig Service will make a significant contribution towards Kuwait’s Ministry of Electricity and Water aim to deliver essential water supply to Kuwait’s residents,” said Dr Thomas Suckut, CEO of Deutsche Babcock Middle East.

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