Al Suwaiket completes work on 46 storey tower

Purely residential building will cater to the high-end market, Mubarak Al Suwaiket says

The Al Suwaiket Group, a Saudi Arabian developer, announced on Tuesday that it had completed work on a 46 storey residential building that is set to become the tallest building in the Eastern Provinces of the Kingdom.

Belonging to Mubarak Al Suwaiket, the building cost approximately $93.32m to construct and is believed to be around 200 metres high, an official said, but stressed that the official height had not been released.

“There are a number of important elements associated with this landmark building; the most important aspect is that it has 46 stories and a helipad. It is the tallest tower in The East Province, it is a purely residential building with no commercial offices and is meant to cater to the high end market,” said Abdullah Al Suwaiket, the group’s chief executive officer, told Arab News.

The rent of two bedrooms apartments in the building will vary from 39,999 and $31,991 annually, Al Suwaiket said.

“You have 24-hour fool-proof security, spa, jacuzzi and hamam facilities, both for men and women, on the 5th floor; concierge service, housekeeping service, everything that one can ask for is here,” said George who as Euro Village manager for 26 years has immense experience about market preference.

The spot where the high-rise stands was previously known for the tepid DHL building on the opposite side. It will now be known for the Al-Suwaiket Tower.


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