Metito to invest $133m into Saudi Arabia

Metito re-launches its operations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and will invest $133m in the water and waste-water industry

Metito has formally re-launched its operations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, positioning the company as a provider of total water treatment solutions for the Kingdom.

Metito Saudi, which re-started operations a year ago, has a project worth in excess of $15.9m. The company has also drawn up plans to to invest $133.3m in the Kingdom’s water and wastewater industry over the next three  years.

Fady Juez,  Managing Director, Metito said, “More than 40 years ago, Metito’s journey of success started here. Since then we continued to develop as professionals, grow as a business and to refine our expertise to successfully expand in the Middle East, Africa, South East Asia and China. We were adamant we wanted to come back to Saudi Arabia and harness our resources to build an operational backbone that can support Metito in playing an effective role in the development of the water, desalination and wastewater industry.”

The re-launch was announced by Juez at a press conference held in the Saudi capital Riyadh, attended by Abdullah Al Gholaikah, former governor of the Saline Water Conversion Corporation ( SWCC) as a special guest and Salah Ackad, Metito General Manager for Saudi Arabia.

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