Majority of Dubai landlords settle for four cheques for rent payment: survey

Deals become more open to negotiation as landlords can’t afford to play hard ball and scare away tenants

A survey by dedicated property web portal,, has found that four cheques is now the benchmark requirement from landlords for renting in Dubai, with two, three and four cheque deals also being offered.

The study said that only six per cent of the brokers surveyed believe one cheque to now be the norm. The change was attributed to the current supply which outstrips demand, the report said.

“In these cash strapped times landlords simply can’t afford to play hardball and scare away potentially good tenants — hence deals have become more open to negotiation,” it said.

However, realtors have reported a gradual rise in rents in certain areas of Dubai, after the pace of rental income slowed down significantly in 2011, the study noted.

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