Tata Daewoo goes heavy with V3TXF truck following UAE trial

Tata Daewoo officially enters big boy territory with the 6×4 100T tractor head


Tata Daewoo has officially launched its V3TXF heavy duty truck following the successful completion of a 12-month trial in the Northern Emirates.

Heavy duty trucks are the workhorses of the mining and quarrying sector and Tata Daewoo says it is confident the 100T tractor will prove popular among transporters in the Middle East.

According to the South Korean automaker, six units were deployed in a quarrying operation in Ras Al Khaimah during a year of torturous testing. Having proven its suitability for carrying sand from quarries on a close to 24-hours-per-day rotation, Tata Daewoo said the truck is now ready for an official launch into the region.

The Indian manufacturer claims the V3TXF comprises the “best combination of components” from the US, Europe and South Korea to take on the harsh working conditions of region.

The V3TXF will compete with the European brands in the 100T-plus segment and features the powerful 481Ps Cummins ISX Euro 3 engine. The gearbox is from global leader ZF and is available in both manual and automatic options.

“It caters to all segments of the customers,” said Tata Daewoo. “The Cummins engine coupled with the optimised driveline gives best work efficiency while saving on fuel and maintenance bills.”

The V3TXF joins other 6×4 models like the 75T V3TVF and Tata Daewoo is building a formidable presence in the Middle East’s heavy duty segment with 10,000 vehicles currently on the road, of which about 35% are in the UAE alone.

Brief Specs:

Engine- Cummins ISX
Power- 481Ps@2000rpm
Torque- 2509 Nm@1200
Gearbox- ZF 16S Manual or 12S Automatic
Safety features- Jake Brake, Hub reduction
Cab suspension- Air Springs
Fuel tank capacity- 400L+400L

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