Egypt’s ministry of transport plans 55 new road bridges

Bridges will be constructed in the sector that connects Banha and Alexandria desert road – report


The Egyptian General Authority for Roads, Bridges and Land Transport is in the process of constructing 55 new bridges along the Regional Ring Road, reports news agency Amwal Al Ghad.

According to a report quoting the minister of transport Galal El-Said, the construction of the bridges will take place in the sector that connects Banha and Alexandria desert road. It has been divided into seven divisions.

First, a 4km Banha-Nile road will be established at a cost of EGP 500 million ($56.3m), a 1km long Banha agriculture road will be built for EGP 250m ($28.1m), and 10 bridges and an 8km tunnel will be built for EGP 800m ($90.1m).

The remaining four divisions will comprise of 15 bridges worth EGP 10 billion ($1.1bn), 30 bridges and a 17km tunnel worth EGP 1 billion ($112.6m) and EGP 900m respectively ($101.3m), a 5km Khattaba bridge axis worth EGP 700 million ($78.8 million) and a 15km road worth EGP 600 million ($67.5 million).


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