Abu Dhabi steps up fire inspection visits on construction sites

Capital’s Civil Defence look to curb risks associated with fire hazards on site

Abu Dhabi’s General Directorate of Civil Defence has stepped up inspection efforts on construction sites in the emirate in an effort to curb any occurrences of a fire, officials announced on Monday.

With incidences of fire growing amongst high rise buildings, civil defence units across the country have begun looking for ways to curb the risks associated. As such, Colonel Mohammed Al Nuaimi, acting general director of Civil Defence, said that regular inspections on construction sites would ensure that fire hazards were kept to a minimum.

He revealed that a number of fines were imposed on construction companies after it was found that they had faulty fire safety measures in place. He added that work had been halted on some sites that showed repeated offences and that they would not resume work till the necessary safety procedures were taken.

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