Kuwait’s Boubyan-Sabbiyah bridges 95% done

Bridges designed to link Boubyan Island to the northern desert region of Sabbiyah

Kuwait’s public works ministry has announced that the two bridge projects for cars and trains linking mainland Kuwait and the Boubyan Island are 95% complete.

The bridges are designed to link the island to the northern desert area of Sabbiyah, which will see the commencement of construction works of the mixed-use ‘Silk City’ development this year. The multi-billion dollar mega construction project is designed to include the one-kilometre Burj Mubarak al-Kabir tower and to house 700,000 people.

The 250-km2 development will have a two-km2 natural desert reservation, a duty free area which will be beside a new airport, in addition to a large business centre, conference areas, environmental areas, athletic areas, and areas that concentrate on media, health, education, and industry.


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