Property market knowledge “poor”

Industry survey concludes 25% have poor understanding

?A survey conducted by Cityscape Abu Dhabi has found 25% of property professionals have a “poor” understanding of the market.

The survey aimed to establish how property investors get access to the information they need. Of the total sample, 14% claimed to have excellent knowledge of the industry.

Respondents cited a lack of industry awareness, which highlights “a requirement for more transparent processes and a steady stream of up to date information”, according to Cityscape.

“There is a clear need for the provision of easily accessible and straight forward information as the shape of the market continues to transform and diversify,” said group director for Cityscape Abu Dhabi, Chris Speller.

“It is encouraging, however, to see that exhibitions and conferences are regarded by over 40 percent of our survey participants as such an effective way of finding out information.”

It was also concluded that one third of respondents claimed their access to information on the industry was poor, with exhibitions and conferences named the top source for increasing knowledge.


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