Quality standards require regulation

Industry experts agree a shortfall in unified standards damages project quality

A shortfall in quality between the materials specified and those provided for Government-led construction projects is occurring, due to a lack of quality control.

The comments were made by Gulf Extrusions general manager Modar Mohamed Al Mekdad, during an interview with The Big Project.

“Government projects demand high quality standards but what happens is that when the project is executed we find a big gap between specifications and actuality. We have seen in many government projects certain certifications are insisted upon for certain products but then for other products they are not developed,” said Al Mekdad in the interview.

Calling on the need for quality control managers on projects, he added: “The government really pays for a good quality product, where is this gap? Which pocket is it going to? At the end of the day, some of the products are really of inferior quality.



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“Even if the project is ‘low-cost’ housing, still there are specifications to be met.”

Al Mekdad was joined by a panel of experts from the aluminium industry to discuss quality standards and regional supply chains.

Echoing his concerns, Phil Ellerby, managing director and owner of Rigidal Industries, commented: “If one is to improve specifications generally then it is through client’s representatives in a private investment or through the various government departments; any of the institutions which are building high levels of infrastructure that they want to last.”

Mekdad also voiced concern about quality specifications in private sector projects and a lack of regulation industry wide.

?Projects need quality control consultants to be appointed by the client, so right now part of this chain is missing somewhere”

“Projects need quality control consultants to be appointed by the client, so right now part of this chain is missing somewhere. I’m not expecting the developer or client to know everything about the products, but there are specialists who know what quality should be.

“There should also be supervision from the government to say this is the minimum that should be met for a particular industry or product. This is where we are still yet to catch up.”

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