Ready-mix cement production declines 26.7%

European figures despiteoverall use increasing

The average use of cement has increased overall in ERMCO countries since 2008, despite production declines of more than a quarter.

Declining 6% in 2010 alone, the European ready-mix concrete market has declines by a total of 26.7% since 2008, led by countries such as Ireland, with a drop in production of 62% 2008-2009 and 28.9% 2009-2010; Spain (-29.1% in 2009 and -20.1% in 2010); and Greece (-22.7% in 2009 and -22.4% in 2010).

The figures, published ahead of the ERMCO Congress to be held next year in Verona, showed net production of all European and non-European ERMCO countries still at 463 million cubic metres in 2008 and 380.3 million cubic metres in 2010. Countries which showed a particularly positive trend include Turkey, up from 66.4 million cubic metres in 2009 to 79.7 millions in 2010, an increase  in two years of 20% compared to 2008. Israel also achieved a positive result: from 9.5 million cubic metres in 2008 and 2009, it produced 11 million cubic metres in 2010 (+15.8%).

“These recessionary years have, however seen, an increase in the average use of cement,” according to a statement released with the information.

In 2008, the average cement content of ready-mixed concrete in European Union countries was 288 kg per cubic metre.  In 2009 it was 293 kg, and  by 2010 the average figure had gone up to 295 Kg.   Thus, in two years, the quantity of cement per cubic metre of ready mixready-mixed concrete has gone  up by 2.6%.

“These figures indicates a trend towards an increased demand for more durable and more fluid concrete that better responds to the needs of environmental impact,” the statement added.

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