Nissan unveils new Navara for Middle East market

Pick-up truck aimed at the commercial market is also available in a wide-body leisure version

Nissan has a launched the latest versions of its workhorse Navara pick-up truck with which it aims to increase its market share in the Middle East’s commercial and fleet segment.

Revealed at Nissan’s EMEA manufacturing facility in Barcelona, Spain, the new Navara has several improvements over the previous version all made with the aim of increasing the model’s market share in the Middle East, said Samir Cherfan, managing director at Nissan Middle East.

“With the revamped Navara we hope to increase our sales volume in the Middle East by over 40% within three years and challenge the market leader in the segment,” he said. “The Navara has built up a reputation for quality and robustness in the Middle East market over the years and we are building on this track record to offer our customers an even better product by offering a heavy-duty box frame for an even more robust vehicle.”

Offered in narrow- and wide-body versions, both with dual cabs, the vehicle has a choice of 2.4 litre petrol or diesel engines and is available with either two or four wheel drive. Nissan claims power figures of 168HP and 244NM of torque for the petrol engine and 161HP and 405NM of torque for the diesel version. Transmission choices are between a six-speed manual and a seven-speed automatic.

The most significant aspect of the new model is the two versions it will be available in. While the narrow-body version is designed as a no-frills, commercial vehicle, the wide-body version has several SUV-like luxury appointments that will appeal to a more dual-use market or to a customer who would like to use the Navara for both commercial and leisure applications.

“Our research identified a demand in the market for a dual-use pick-up truck that lends itself to both heavy-duty applications and activities associated with more sporty vehicles. The new wide-body Navara seeks to fill that gap in the market and will be one of the best appointed pick-up trucks in the segment,” said Cherfan.


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