Italy’s FILA showcases technologies at Mideast Stone Show

The region is an important market for FILA as it is a gateway to markets like India and Indonesia

Italian surface solutions manufacturer FILA showcased two solutions – FILA NO RUST and FILA ZERO SIL at the Middle East Stone Show in Dubai.

FILA NO RUST is a non-acidic formulation that removes surface stains for polished marble while FILA ZERO SIL removes things like silicone from marble and porcelain stoneware surfaces.

Francesco Pettenon, managing director of FILA Surface Care Solutions, told that FILA invests 10% of its revenues in research and development.

“A trend that is already in the market is the use of 20mm thick tiles for outdoor gardens which is a new technology. We’re also seeing many new types of marble being introduced from places like China and Brazil, although we believe that Italian stone is the most expensive and is still the best quality,” Pettenon said.

He added that, in terms of challenges, cash flow is a problem with the decrease in oil prices over the last year, as in many other industries.

As for FILA’s future plans, Pettenon points out that the Middle East is a crucial market for the company.

“We are working on a three-year business plan. The Middle East is very important for us also because it is a gateway to countries in the far east like India, Indonesia among others,” he said.

“I’m sure that we will continue to grow on the project side not only in the UAE but in Kuwait and Qatar which is picking up. Oman will also be interesting and we will watch this market as well.”

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