UD Trucks launches new Mideast-focused Quester range

Heavy-duty model for local market unveiled in Qatar with Jaidah Equipment


The Volvo-owned Japanese heavy truck manufacturer, UD Trucks, has launched a new range in the Middle East built specifically with the needs of customers in the region in mind.

Unveiled to the region in Qatar with UD’s local partner, Jaidah Equipment, the all-new Quester heavy-duty truck is a multi-purpose vehicle for a variety of applications, including ‎off- and on-road use, construction, distribution and long-haul transportation.

“The new Quester range is robust and strong, utilising a combination of global technology and Japanese craftsmanship,” said Mikito Maruyama, director for Middle East and Africa at UD Trucks. “More than 400 experts of various nationalities with extensive knowledge and ‎experience have been involved in designing and developing ‎Quester and its associated services. The team has spent 1,500,000 engineering hours and ‎‎65,000 test hours to build the ultimate trucking machine.”

Along with Maruyama, the launch, which took place at Doha’s Regency Halls, was also attended by Ayman Ahmed, managing director, Jaidah Equipment; Jan-Erik Thoren, business director, UD Trucks Middle East; and Hasan Natafji, sales manager for UD Trucks at Jaidah Equipment. A big turnout of Jaidah’s customers and business associates was also present on the occasion.

“The Quester is built and refined based on insights from customers’ day-to-day needs and cutting-edge knowhow gained from UD Trucks’ experience in the Middle East and the Volvo Group’s global footprint,” Thoren said.

Jaidah’s Ahmed said the Quester range will support the work of the construction, transportation, logistics and energy sectors, offering longer service intervals for different applications along with parts support from UD Trucks’ regional warehouse in Dubai to reduce vehicle downtime.

“Jaidah Equipment’s partnership with UD Trucks will reap rich returns for both parties and enhance our efforts to facilitate further growth in Qatar’s construction industry,” he added. “The launch of the new range ‎marks the largest step to date in UD Trucks’ proud history, which aims to challenge the truck market ‎in the Middle East.”‎


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