World class fire safety systems needed in GCC

Joint venture with Eurotech to introduce fire and life safety provider into Bahraini market

The director of Bahrain’s Yusif bin Yusif Fakhro, a supplier of residential appliances and air conditioning, has backed proposals to enforce international standard safeguards across the GCC.

Speaking on the sidelines of a company event, Yusuf Abdulrahman Fakhro, said that figures had shown that there had been a rise in high-rise and building across the region, including Bahrain, and that reports of fire-related deaths and injuries was also on the increase.

“Human lives, homes and resources are of paramount importance to organizations and society at large and we must take the spate of fire-related incidences as serious warning signs. We must take measures to ensure that the right fire safety systems are in place, across the board,” he stressed.

As a result, he said that Safe & Sound, a division of YBYF, had joined forces with Eurotech Fire Systems, a provider of international class fire safety systems.

“It is a timely decision for us to enter this critical sector with a world leader (in the industry). Eurotech has a sterling track record in fire protection systems. Indeed, they have been recognised as dedicated visionaries in the life safety industry,” Fakhro said.

The joint venture will see Eurotech, which as a strong presence in Oman and the UAE, in to Bahrain for the first time. The provider will offer customers implementation, management and overall maintenance services related to the fire safety system.

“We have observed the unfortunate spike in fire-related incidents across the Middle East and it is imperative for us to leverage our inherent strengths of products, support and systems to minimise re-occurrences” said Tim Williams, export sales manager for Eurotech.

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