AESG launches environmental consultancy division in Middle East

Initially driven by business in UAE, Saudi Arabia and Qatar

PHOTO: Saeed Al Abbar, Director at AESG. Credit: Shutterstock

Energy and sustainability consultancy AESG has announced the establishment of a new division in the Middle East called AESG Environmental.

The new business arm will offer 11 services that will help clients acquire local environmental permits as well as funds from international donor bodies.

The company says that AESG Environmental holds Class A status from the Environment Agency Abu Dhabi and is a registered consultant with the Dubai Municipality Environmental Protection and Studies Section.

The division’s studies also conform to local and international criteria which include EAD, DM-EPSS, USEPA, ECGD, ASTM E1527-13.

It also says that its Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs) will be conducted in accordance with the requirements of global financing bodies such as the World Bank or UK Export Finance (ECGD) requirements.

In terms of sectors, it will focus on the oil and gas, real estate and infrastructure verticals and its services will be offered across the GCC, however AESG expects that initial uptake will be driven by businesses in the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

Saeed Al Abbar, Director at AESG commented saying: “Our team has numerous years of experience in conducting environmental studies for master plan developments, industrial projects and facilities, infrastructure as well as oil and gas facilities. The growing scale of our environmental consultancy operations prompted our decision to set up the formal division.”

Division lead Nivine Issa adds: “AESG has successfully completed ECGD compliant EIAs for two UAE projects, which received such international financing. We are therefore extremely familiar with the process and have a proven track record of producing compliant EIAs to achieve funding approval.”

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