Klaus Fischer to be honoured with Global DIY Lifetime Award

Klaus Fischer has actively worked in the DIY segment for over 40 years

PHOTO: Klaus Fischer, the CEO of Fischer. Credit: Supplied

Klaus Fischer, the CEO of Fischer, will be honoured on 8 June in Stockholm with the Global DIY Lifetime Award 2016. Europe’s technical DIY associations and the special global DIY interest group award him this honour for his “outstanding contribution to the worldwide do-it-yourself segment”.

Klaus Fischer has actively worked in the DIY segment for over 40 years. In all these years, it says in the laudation, he has advanced his enterprise to a decisive degree and changed this segment of industry. “I am pleased to accept this award on behalf of all my employees because it is only by joining hands and minds that we can be successful”, says Klaus Fischer.

The award ceremony is held at exactly the same place where the annual Nobel Prizes are awarded – in Stockholm’s City Hall at the gala of the 4th Global DIY Summit. The event is the world’s biggest for retailers and producers in the DIY and gardening segment. It is considered a first-class information platform for current and future developments.

Klaus Fischer is only the fourth personality honoured with the Global DIY Lifetime Award. Before him, the award was given to Obi co-founder Manfred Maus, Ray Colman, former CEO of Woodie’s DIY, and Jim Inglis, former Deputy Chairman of the Board and in charge of the strategic development of Home Depot.

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