Telematics ‘can help food firms save 21% of costs’

Mobile tracking systems can boost profit margins in the food logistics sector, says UAE-based Massar Solutions

PHOTO: Qusai Kankazar, chief operations officer and deputy CEO at Massar Solutions. Credit: Supplied

Food companies can attain a 21% reduction in operating costs using telematics systems for their fleet, according to UAE’s Massar Solutions.

Telematics and mobile tracking systems are a “must-have” for those in the food logistics sector looking to increase profit margins and market share, said Qusai Kankazar, chief operations officer and deputy CEO at Massar Solutions, a fleet operator. “The technology has proven itself to be highly effective in maximising fleet productivity and utilisation rates, which in turn helps optimize efficiency and increase profitability.”

According to a report by Alpen Capital, food consumption in the GCC is expected to grow at 3.5% annually between 2014 and 2019 to reach 51.9 million metric tonnes (MT). Food consumption in the UAE alone is set to witness 4.8% annual growth, the fastest across the Gulf region.

“There is significant scope to increase the future profitability of the entire food value chain in the Gulf. Smart logistics solutions, which cover real-time data collection and driver training, can offer numerous advantages,” Kankazar said, quoted in a statement released ahead of the Gulfood Manufacturing Exhibition.

The main advantages are improving customer service, reducing operating costs, maximising driver and cargo safety, and prolonging the lifespan of the fleet, he noted.

Earlier this year, Massar acquired 30 reefer body semi-trailers featuring a telematics system that allows the firm and its customers to track fleet operations and obtain data in real time.

The Abu-Dhabi based firm will be showcasing its supply chain solutions and mobile tracking and telematics systems at the Gulfood exhibition, running October 27-29 at the Dubai World Trade Centre.

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