Aldes Middle East launches diffuser to enhance IEQ

New product reduces the by-pass of air velocity using one diffuser

An energy-efficient air diffuser designed by Aldes Euro Register reduces maintenance and energy consumption by up to 40%, according to the company.

The new model, ‘Combined’, provides the saving by reducing the by-pass of air velocity; using one diffuser for both supply and exhaust. The noiseless diffuser is available in two designs; a four-way square diffuser or a multislot square diffuser.

Both can replace a typical 600 x 600 or 675 x 675mm suspended ceiling tile, or can be fixed to concrete tiles. The design also makes installation quicker and easier.

“The feedback from consultants at a recent Air Diffusion Seminar was good and they responded well to the design; a perfect comfort with a minimised visual impact on the ceiling.

“The new diffuser is a perfect solution for any architects, MEP consultants and MEP contractors,” said Alexandre Benoit, strategic marketing manager for the company.

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