Al-Futtaim launches Toyota Prius in UAE

The 2016 Prius delivers a target fuel efficiency of at least 40km/L

PHOTO: Currently in its fourth generation, the Prius has sold 3.5 million units worldwide. Credit: Supplied

Al-Futtaim Motors, the UAE dealer for Toyota, has launched the fourth-generation Prius hybrid at the Dubai International Motor Show.

The launch of the Prius follows Al-Futtaim’s delivery of a number of Toyota Camry hybrid taxis across the UAE and is in line with its objective of reducing pollution from transport, the company said.

“The Toyota Prius is the car that started it all in 1997, introducing the future of sustainable mobility and driving Toyota to the top of the environmentally friendly vehicles game,” said Len Hunt, President of the Automotive Group at Al-Futtaim.

“With this 4th generation, the new 2016 Prius delivers a target fuel efficiency of at least 40 km/L and we are confident that it will usher in a generation of change in UAE mobility.”

Al-Futtaim Motors is confident that introducing the Prius will help raise awareness about the performance of hybrid cars, Hunt added.

With sales hitting 3.5 million units worldwide, the Prius’ hybrid technology combines a gasoline engine and an electric motor.

The vehicle requires no additional road and transport infrastructure, as the cars do not need to be externally charged, noted Koji Nagata, General Manager, Toyota Middle East and North Africa Division. The Prius can be powered by the petrol engine, the electric motor or a combination of both, automatically choosing the most efficient mode for the best mileage and lowest emissions.

The new Prius comes with an entirely new Toyota platform, resulting in improved handling and safety. The model features a chassis that is 60% more rigid, while the powertrain unit’s lower placement and low centre of gravity has increased the vehicle’s stability and comfort, the manufacturer says.

In addition to the Prius, Al-Futtaim also showcased the zero-emission Toyota Mirai, which uses hydrogen as a fuel to generate electricity.

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