Meydan One Mall final design ‘to be confirmed by early 2016’

The new mall will boast world’s largest indoor ski slope, at 1.2km

PHOTO: Plans for the Meydan One Mall include the world’s longest indoor ski slope, stretching over 1.2 kilometres. Credit: WAM

The final design and layout of Meydan One Mall will be confirmed by the first quarter of 2016, reports Gulf News.

The development will add an extra 5.8 million square feet of retail capacity, including a 400-metre boulevard of luxury brands and more than 650 shops, the newspaper reported.

“We have just held workshops with potential retail partners and there were also discussions held on what it is we are trying to create with the Meydan One Mall. We are sourcing feedback from them and by Q1-16, we will have a pretty clear idea as to how it should look and these will be communicated to all stakeholders,” Mohammad Al Khayat, head of Commercial and Free Zone at Meydan Group, told Gulf News.

Meydan One Mall will also have a multi-purpose ice arena that will hold 12,000 visitors. Additionally it will also boast the world’s longest indoor ski slope stretching over 1.2 kilometres.

Plans for the wider Meydan One development include the world’s tallest residential high-rise, Dubai One, at 711 metres.


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