China crane firm Comansa JIE renames after shareholder exit

Linden Comansa is now sole owner of Chinese tower-crane manufacturer Comansa CM

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Chinese tower-crane manufacturer Comansa JIE has been renamed after the “amicable exit” of one of its main stockholders, JIE Holding Group, and will now be known as Comansa CM.

The Hangzhou-based manufacturer of flat-top cranes was founded in 2006 as a joint venture between JIE and Spain’s Linden Comansa, which is now the sole owner.

According to a statement by the company, the “change in the shareholding will barely affect the trajectory of the company”.

The sales and product strategy will remain as before and the staff and the management team will be the same, said the company.

“A clear example of this continuity is the Comansa CM logo itself, which has undergone minimal changes,” it said.

Comansa CM’s flat-top cranes are sold mainly in China, India and the South East Asia. It offers 11 different tower cranes, all with flat-top design, with maximum load capacities ranging from 6 to 24 tonnes.


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