Volvo CE launches trio of Z-bar loaders for Middle East

Notable feature of the three machines – the L60Gz, L90Gz and L120Gz – is the Z-bar linkage

PHOTO: The L120Gz wheel loader is the largest of the three new machines. Credit: Stian Overdahl,

Volvo CE has launched three new G-series wheel loaders with Z-bar linkages, designed for markets including the Middle East and Africa.

A notable feature of the three machines – the L60Gz, L90Gz and L120Gz – is the Z-bar linkage, in contrast to the TP-linkage favoured by Volvo for its other loader ranges.

Building loaders with the Z-bar linkage favours bucket-only applications and allows machines to achieve greater break-out force, which is further improved by increased hydraulic pressure on the G-series loaders.

The machines have respective operating weights of 12.3-12.8t, 14.5-15.2t and 18.0-19.0t.

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The launch, at the recent Volvo Days event in Sweden, came as Volvo CE’s EMEA president Thomas Kuta announced that the brand sees elasticity in its premium position, effectively looking to contest the mid-point price segments with the new G-Series loaders, as emerging markets continue to favour cheaper machines.

Kuta acknowledged that the industry has witnessed a persistent and ongoing shift towards value segment machines, which make up around 70% of total industry sales, a trend that is not likely to reverse.

Speaking at the launch, Masood Akar, a loader product manager, noted that the loaders are built with Volvo engines, axles and fully-automatic-power shift transmission, as well as other F-series features.

With respect to reducing the price-point compared with the F-series, Akar said that while the G-series is a premium machine, more features are offered on the optional list, rather than standard, and can be added to the loader by customer choice to create a higher-spec machine.

Efficiency features include the Eco-Pedal, which keeps fuel consumption low by encouraging operators to operate in low RPM, applying a mechanical push-back force when engine rpm is about to exceed the economic operating range.

Serviceability is improved by having all major service points accessible from ground level. Meanwhile the operator cab is largely the same as the F-series, with the same visibility and handrails in all positions for safe three-point access. In-cab features include a tiltable steering wheel and vibration damping.

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On the productivity front, operators will be able to work efficiently in bucket applications, such as in small quarries, stockpiling and loading. The two smaller loaders – the L60Gz and L90Gz – come with a general purpose, standard-duty bucket or a heavy-duty version.

The L120Gz, equipped with the larger D7E engine, can also be equipped with a re-handling bucket optimised for handling, stockpiling and loading processed material including aggregate and sand, with a 3.1-5.2m3 bucket capacity range.

For all three machines, the design of the Z-bar and the increased breakout force mean the operator will feel they can fill the bucket faster, said Akar. All three machines are built with productivity enhancers such as automatic bucket leveller and boom kick-out functions.

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