Trimble updates Loadrite quarry reporting

New report software allows real-time view of shift productivity

PHOTO: A Loadrite equipped wheel loader belonging to Al Swaidan operating in Doha. Credit: Loadrite

Trimble has launched a new reporting tool, Loadrite InsightHQ, to allow users of Loadrite weighing system for for quarry, mines and other process industries. It provides an instant overview of productivity and performance reports from any web browser, including mobile devices.

InsightHQ provides visibility to respond to issues, optimise production and monitor productivity in near real time, said Trimble Loadrite general manager, Johan Smet.

“With InsightHQ managers can monitor and analyze productivity across all steps of the material flow, from extraction to load-out. Operations managers can act quickly and see improvements during the shift,” said Smet. “InsightHQ also generates easy-to-use reporting that enables managers to optimize their day-to-day processes and tracks the effectiveness of operational changes.”

Users have access to live reports by customer, product, machine or product. These reports can be adjusted to suit the relevant reporting period, such as real time, day, week, month, year or a custom time period.

Loadrite was acquired by Trimble in June 2013. The load weighing technology and payload information systems can be installed on wheel loaders, excavators, garbage trucks and other heavy loading equipment.

In the Middle East, Loadrite has been successfully used for quarry and aggregate applications. In Doha, Al Swaidan used on-board scales on the four wheel loaders, which were being used for loading and stockpiling of screened products that Al Swaidan was providing to a road contractor.

According to a Loadrite case study, Al Swaidan was billing the contractor (Consolidated Contractors Group S.A.L [CCC]) different amounts for each material grade, and was faced with the problem of providing accurate volume estimations for billing purposes.

Using a surveying method was inaccurate, since the weight of the stockpiles compressed the material on the bottom, leading to an underestimation of 20%. The alternative of passing all transporting trucks over a weigh station was time consuming, and with each truck trip lasting an extra 12 minutes, was expected to add $400 per day to the operation’s cost.

The Loadrite L2180 scale and printer was tested and found to be accurate, and was used to measure the weight of the different grades provided to the customer, allowing for precise billing.

For the unmixed sub base, 159,298 tonnes was stockpiled by the Loadrite equipped wheel loaders. The material was then loaded into the mixing plant until the stockpile was exhausted, with 159,236 tonnes measured, a difference of only 62 tonnes, or 0.04% variation.


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