Labourer violence in UAE claims two

Sharjah labourers broke into a fight over a pair of shoes

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Three worker deaths have been reported from Sharjah in the latest reported case of labour violence.

Earlier this week, local daily Gulf News reported a fight broke out at a labour accommodation compound in Sharjah’s Industrial Area 1. The group of labourers from Bangladesh allegedly argued over the ownership of a pair of shoes one of them was wearing.

One labourer was reportedly stabbed by his colleague, and several others were injured at the scene, following which Sharjah Police and ambulance forces arrived at the scene. Workers employed by various companies formed two rival groups that initially exchanged blows with sticks and iron rods, said the report.

A recent update by Gulf News states two labourers were claimed immediately, while three injured workers are currently undergoing treatment at Al Kuwaiti Hospital in Sharjah.

This is not the first instance of labour violence reported in Sharjah; a worker was allegedly assaulted by his roommates in July 2013. Local reports said two workers were responsible for the passing of their colleague, whom they attacked with a hammer over a financial disputes.

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