Construction the most corrupt industry in Arab countries

FDIC study finds that judicial bodies in Arab countries issued rulings against more than 60,000 people over last five years

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RELATED ARTICLES: KSA construction sector critiqued for poor quality standards | HLG seeks $272mn in compensation from Qatari Sheikh | International contractors coming to Qatar should be wary of pitfalls A recent study by the International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FDIC) has found that the construction sector is the most corrupt industry in Arab countries. The study found that judicial bodies in Arab countries issued rulings against more than 60,000 people over the last five years on various charges of corruption. The problem is so widespread, it has hampered development efforts, wasted resources, created environmental crises and threatened the safety of people, the study added. The violations involved developments on unsuitable land, favouritism in awarding public tenders, procurement of substandard construction material, unlawfully subcontracted projects, neglecting inspection operations and bribery of officials and employees. The report also said that these corrupt practices had resulted in Arab countries wasting huge amounts of resources. Nabel Abbas, representative of FDIC in the Gulf region, said that the study was conducted as part of the preparations of FDIC’s next international conference in Barcelona, from September 15 to 18. More than 100 experts and representatives of 40 giant construction firms will attend the conference. Delegates will discuss issues including investment in the infrastructure business, global challenges and the best sustainable solutions for the construction and building sector. Abbas said that the conference would pass a number of resolutions to help governments and institutions deal with the hazards of corrupt activities. “A new agreement is being worked out that will include guiding principles on the management of safety in the face of corruption,” he said. “These principles have been developed with the assistance of various parties to familiarize stakeholders with the nature and hazards of corruption.” He called on Saudi and Gulf institutions in the construction, building and infrastructure sector to join the conference and participate in its sessions and workshops.

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