Doosan adds to compressor range

Middle East range boosted to cover applications

Doosan Portable Power has announced new compressor products for markets in the Middle East and Africa (MEA). As well as a wide selection of Tier 3 High Ambient models, the range also includes several Tier 1 or Tier 2 engine-powered models suited to the fuel quality levels found across the MEA region. 

A stand-out model among the smaller compressor size is the C185WKUB-EX-T2, a Tier 2 models which offers a compact design, easy towability and transportation and high maneouvrability for use in confined areas. Especially designed for use in hot climates, it is built with a simple and reliable instrumentation panel with mechanical gauges combined.

The C185WKUB-EX-T2 compressor has a free air delivery of 185 cfm (5.2 m³/min) and operates at a working pressure of 100 psig (7 bar) and is aimed at standard pressure applications in construction such as powering breakers and tools in road repair, demolition and refurbishment.  For these applications, there are three or four air power outlets and a number of useful options.

Larger size is the P260/HP220WYM-T3 compressor, built as Tier 3, and which offers many of the features found in the smaller machine but also offers a dual pressure option for more versatility to serve a wider range of applications.  As a result, the ‘two-in-one’ P260/HP220WYM-T3 dual pressure portable air compressor delivers air flows ranging from 220 to 260 cfm (6.2-7.4 m³/min) and pressures ranging from 100 to 150 psi (7-10 bar).

Providing a free air delivery of 375 cfm (10.6 m³/min) at 125 psig (8.6 bar), the larger XP375WCU-T2 compressor features a Tier 2 Cummins mechanically controlled engine particularly suited to MEA fuel quality levels and offering easy operation and maintenance.  Again the XP375WCU-T2 model has been specially designed for the MEA climate but also features a reliable, heavy duty air intake filtration system allowing it to cope easily with the very dusty environment.  The XP375WCU-T2 compressor is ideal for sand blasting operations.

For high purity applications such as pharmaceutical, food preparation and petroleum, instrumental quality air and nuclear power plant back-up, Doosan offers its NHP1500 oil-free, Tier 3 diesel driven compressor which provides 1500 cfm (42.5 m³/min) of oil free compressed air.  Equipped with a built-in aftercooler for reduced air moisture content, the NHP1500 model has a variable discharge pressure that can cover a wide operating range between 60-155 psig (4.1-10.7 bar).


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