DIP attracts armoured vehicles manufacturers to UAE

Armoured vehicle manufacturer Inkas to open second factory in DIP

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Dubai Investments Park (DIP) is steadily gaining traction as a hub for armoured vehicles manufacturers.

The commercial, industrial, and residential community in Dubai already hosts four such manufacturers: Inkas Vehicles LLC, Mezcal Security Vehicles, Shell Armored Vehicles LLC and Saxon Armor, which produce a combined total of 1,600 armoured vehicles every year in DIP.

“Apart from world-class logistics, DIP offers business-friendly environment and proximity to key transit points for exports. These are the key requirements for the armoured vehicles manufacturing which is evident in the growing number of companies in the sector within DIP,” said Omar Al Mesmar, General Manager of DIP.

Inkas Vehicles is set to open a second manufacturing facility worth about $15 million in DIP 2, over an area of 14,836 sqm.

Inkas currently operates a 10,000 sqm factory that produces 1,000 armoured cars, luxury sedans and special purpose military vehicles every year.

“DIP offers a unique infrastructure that is tailored for the armoured vehicles industry. At present, Inkas is manufacturing 1,000 vehicles annually at our existing plant within DIP, and this will be augmented to 1,600 vehicles with the new factory,” said Ulugbekhon Maksumov, CEO of Inkas Vehicles, adding that Inkas expects $326 million of sales over the next two years.


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