Al Habtoor to construct water show theatre worth $15mn

Theatre will host a permanent water show to attract tourists

The Metropolitan Hotel redevelopment project is likely to cost $1.2 billion.

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The Al Habtoor Group will construct a theatre worth $15 million,  expected to be delivered in January 2016, as part of Metropolitan complex project, the company’s CEO announced during a recent press conference.

The theatre will be part of the Metropolitan complex (Habtoor Island) which also includes three hotels under the Starwood brand, owned by Al Habtoor Group. These are a Westin, a St.Regis and a W hotel.

The hotels are expected to be delivered in 2015, after the month of August. The overall cost of the project, including the theatre, is worth $1.2bn.

The theatre will host a permanent water show, expected to attract tourists to Dubai, according to Mohammad Al Habtoor, vice chairman and CEO of Al Habtoor Group.

“The show will be ‘a destination’ and people from across the region will come to Dubai to watch it,” Al Habtoor said. “The theatre will give an added value to other landmarks in the city.”

The water show will offer live entertainment, and will have special effects to create a giant waterfall, a cascade or rain curtains.

It is expected to be the fourth of its type in the world, after Las Vegas, Macau and the future Han Show in Wuhan, mainland China.

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