ENEC completes SIT and ILRT tests at Unit 2 of Barakah Nuclear Energy Plant

The power plant is taking shape in the Al Dhafra region of Abu Dhabi

The Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation (ENEC) has announced the completion of significant pre-operational tests at Unit 2 of the Barakah Nuclear Energy Plant. ENEC says that the Structural Integrity Test (STI) and the Integrated Leak Rate Test (ILRT) at Unit 2 were performed over a period of 10 days.

According to a statement, the tests incorporated lessons learned from performing the same tests on Unit 1. The tests are said to demonstrate the integrity and robustness of the structure in terms of force and leak tightness, and the structure’s ability to perform safely under normal and extraordinary circumstances.

The completion of the tests are said to represent another milestone in the testing and commissioning phase of the plant. The tests were conducted in collaboration with the Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO), the JV partner and prime contractor for the Barakah project, Nawah Energy Company team, and under the observation of the Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulation (FANR).

“With the completion of these pre-operational tests on Unit 2, we are moving closer to achieving our goal of supporting the future social and economic growth of our nation through the provision of clean and reliable electricity. We are proud to have maintained our track record of safety and efficiency with the successful completion of these tests, and by incorporating the lessons learned during the construction of Unit 1, we have established Baraka has the benchmark for new nuclear construction projects worldwide,” said Mohamed Al Hammadi, CEO of ENEC.

The SIT evaluates the strength of the Reactor Containment Building (RCB), the structure which houses the reactor vessel and major components, by pressurising and depressurising the building to simulate regular and extraordinary conditions. Similarly, the ILRT assesses the leak tightness of the containment building under a variety of conditions.

“The positive results of these tests demonstrate that the Reactor Containment Building has been constructed in accordance with the highest international safety standards, and displaying exemplary quality performance,” added Al Hammadi.

Other recent milestones completed safely and successfully on Unit 2 include Cold Hydrostatic Testing (CHT) – this test verifies that the reactor coolant system and other associated systems met FANR’s regulations. Hot Functional Testing (HFT), during which components were checked for thermal expansion, vibration and wear, was also completed.


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