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Arcangelo DellaPenna, CEO, TSSC Group, shares his thoughts about the new Fire and Life Safety Code introduced by Dubai Civil Defence, and how it will improve fire safety standards in construction

The UAE’s construction sector, always bustling with new projects and burgeoning investments, is undoubtedly a key market in the Middle East region today. As fire safety remains one of the top priorities for the region’s construction sector, the new Fire Life and Safety Code introduced by Dubai Civil Defence will go a long way in ensuring higher standards of fire safety at all stages of construction.

Firefighting operations in buildings with insufficient fire protection features pose numerous challenges to personnel and often put lives at risk.

The newly introduced code becomes extremely relevant in this aspect, as it increases accountability across and beyond the local construction industry, while also aligning rules with global standards. The code has been formulated after carefully studying local trends, concepts and operational needs, and hence marks the beginning of a new era in UAE fire and life safety.

Furthermore, the new Fire and Life Safety Code of Practice underscores Dubai Civil Defence’s commitment to fostering professional relationships with firefighting professionals, clients and members of the community. We welcome and fully support the new fire codes by Dubai Civil Defence, which strengthen the emirate’s fire response portfolio and enhance standards of fire and life safety for the long haul.

It is our primary duty as industry leaders to ensure the safety and utility of our products for the purposes they are made for. We hail the unification of codes and are committed to updating our certifications and quality systems in tandem with new policies and safety measures.

We will continue to welcome and support any such measures introduced by the government, with an aim to ensure strict adherence to the standards established by the municipality. Every innovation we roll out is highly compliant with the local rules where the products are manufactured and adds value to our market position.

The unification of the process will further fuel the pace of innovation, which we believe is essential to creating better products and value, and to engineering in an economically viable manner. In addition, it significantly cuts down the time spent on each project. The UAE’s revamped fire and life safety code will support the country’s efforts to expand its prevention and protection capabilities. The inclusion of comprehensive and localised components will also set the precedent for similar mandates, both regionally and globally.

What sets the new building code apart is its focus on the importance of building fire safety, especially in terms of the selection of building materials. In light of the fast approaching Expo 2020, the UAE is witnessing widespread construction activities, while large-scale infrastructure investments drive the market toward robust growth. These factors make it all the more important for builders and contractors to follow the set standard rules, which will foster progress in line with government initiatives, leading to overall development of the nation and its residents.

In order to maintain our leading edge in the field of fire safety compliance, we ensure all our products, from our wall panels to standing seam systems to cladding, are FM-approved. These are tested for flame spread and smoke development as per the highest fire safety standards, and comply with various local and international safety codes.  Since fire safety is a major focus area in this region, standardisation of processes and policies in this sector is a big step towards progress. Besides, the initiative reduces the contingency of non-performing manufacturers and improves life and safety. Substandard products should not have a place in this market, as they will only ruin the reputation of contractors and builders and adversely impact the country’s journey towards greater heights.

Adherence to certifications, quality systems and the highest international standards is a priority at all stages of our manufacturing processes. TSSC has always supported and will continue to support the UAE government’s proactive role in maintaining world-class standards and best practice in the field.


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