Spain reveals pavilion design for Expo 2020 Dubai

It will showcase the country’s 800 years of Islamic rule and will focus on tolerance and offer a ‘journey through time’

Spain’s pavilion design for the Expo 2020 Dubai will be made up of various multi-purpose spaces that visitors can utilise to explore, sit, read, and gather. Designed by Madrid-based architecture studio Amann-Canovas-Maruri, it will feature a series of conical volumes that warrant increased air-flow and will keep the underground exhibition area naturally cool.

The pavilion will be built from reusable materials like wood, iron, and fabric and be situated in the Sustainability District. Visitor can experience a mixture of Spain’s cultural and historical roots as well as modern day innovations and environmental initiatives. A statement from the expo organisers said that the pavilion will transport the visitors back in time, ‘journeying through 800 years of Islamic rule in Spain from the eight to the 15th centuries.’

The pavilion is about 6000 sqm and designed under the theme ‘people and places.’ It gives prominence to a large square covered by the conical volumes, in which the square will have a series of domes covered with various materials that refers back to traditional insulation techniques combined with innovative solutions, according to the architecture firm.

Expo 2020 Dubai website mentioned that Spain’s pavilion will also look to the future, outlining its forward-thinking approach to sustainability and promoting its world-leading capabilities in organ transplant and donation. The pavilion is expecting to welcome more than 2.5 million visitors during its six month run of which more than half the visitors are expected to be from outside UAE.


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