Thailand unveils its pavilion for Expo 2020 Dubai

The theme of the pavilion will be ‘Mobility of the Future’ and will feature a flower garland-inspired design

Thailand has unveiled its design for the Expo 2020 Dubai, which will feature the transformation of its unique charm into the ‘smart’ country of Thailand 4.0 through its pavilion design.

The pavilion’s design was inspired by the iconic Thailand flower garland and will showcase breakthroughs in connectivity, transport and mobility, and the country as a regional hub of technology and digital innovations as well as highlighting the ‘Thai DNA’ of thoughtfulness and smiles through its ‘Miracle of Smiles’ feature, the official press-release reported.

The façade of the pavilion will resemble the flower garland where each of the flower blossoms are woven together to embrace the visitors to the Dubai Expo 2020. The statement said that visitors can engrave the Thai flowers which will later bloom which is a significant representation of endless mobility.

The 3,606 sqm Thailand pavilion will be located in Expo 2020’s Mobility Thematic District and will emphasise the country’s capacity for being a hub of digital innovation and technology and as the gateway to the region, facilitating trade and commerce, the country reported. The garland logo was modified to represent the digital era and the connecting lines signify mobility and connectivity and is also used to represent new opportunities, innovations, markets and cooperative projects, it reported.

Prominent features of Thai architecture such as gabled hall, which embodies the Thai gesture of greeting (Wai) is included in the pavilion design. The exterior building will be covered with woven flowers, specifically the Native flower Dok Luck (Luck flower), to look like a huge curtain surrounding the pavilion, and the main colour used will be gold to signify the flourishing golden land and endless prosperity, the Asian country said.

Index Creative Village, which has managed Thailand’s pavilions at World Expos for over a decade will be the official representative, meanwhile, the operating arm of Thailand’s Ministry of Digital Economy will be responsible for the pavilion at the Expo 2020 Dubai.


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