Hochtief and Implenia to build the $102mn Anneberg-Skanstull Tunnel project

Hochtief has partnered with Implenia for the construction of the 14 km tunnel project

Hochtief Infrastructure and Implenia has jointly been awarded the contract to build a 14 km power supply tunnel in Stockholm, Sweden.

The contract worth about $102 million was awarded by Svenska Kraftnat (Swedish National Grid) wherein Hochtief and Implenia has equal stakes and Hochtief will be the technical lead in the consortium. The Anneberg-Skanstull Tunnel is part of the City Link project and is intended to improve the electricity supply in the greater Stockholm area.

Klaus Grüttner, EVP at Hochtief Infrastructure (Europe West) said: “We are delighted that this contract in Sweden gives us another opportunity to demonstrate our tunnel-building expertise.”

Commenting on the joint partnership, he said: “We and our partner Implenia are looking forward to making a contribution to the expansion of the local grid, and to ensuring that Stockholm’s power supply is future-proof.”

René Kotacka, head of Business Unit Infrastructure with Implenia added that winning this contract underpins their expertise in the area of demanding infrastructural construction and their already excellent local entrenchment.

“Together with our partner Hochtief we will shortly begin tackling this electricity milestone,” he further said.

According to a statement from the company, the construction will be carried out with the help of a tunnel-driving machine which will be used to build the tunnel which has a diameter of five metres and will be located 50m to 100m below ground. The project will encompass six shafts, elevators, and the construction of technical buildings for electrotechnical equipment.

Construction is scheduled to be completed by 2024.


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