Sweden’s pavilion for Expo 2020 Dubai to feature tree-houses

Sweden follows the Oman, Netherlands and Brazil pavilion which featured nature-inspired themes

Sweden has revealed its winning design for the Expo 2020 Dubai, following a competition hosted by Architects Sweden and Swedish Expo 2020 committee.

The pavilion will be constructed to blend Nordic forest themes with Islamic geometric shapes, showcasing a unity between western and eastern culture. The pavilion will be located in the Sustainability Thematic District, and was designed by Stockholm-based Alessandro Ripellino Architects, Studio Adrien Gardère and Luigi Pardo Architetti.

Sweden said that its pavilion will have a welcoming entrance carefully laid out to avoid long queues and will have a clear path connecting various zones and themes. The structure’s ground floor will have public areas, exhibitions and cafes. This area will have an open-plan layout, but enclosed spaces are implied and is suggested to have hundreds of tree trunks standing in clusters.

Offices and conference rooms will be raised overhead – like tree houses, which will be clad with wooden lattice screens and offer shade from the sun. A soaring mirror-clad structure will be dividing the exhibition area for a refined and simple result and intensify the ‘impression and sense of room created by tree trunks’ said Sweden.

The tree trunks are said to raise from the ground giving visitors a feeling of walking through the forest. Sweden is the most recent country to unveil a nature-inspired pavilion design. Others include the Oman pavilion, the Dutch and the Brazil pavilions, as well.


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