7 projects to entice you to Iraq

With a number of companies having recently announced plans to expand into Iraq?s developing market, The Big Project looks at seven key projects attracting attention

Baghdad Metro, Sadr City, Tigris, Systra

1-    METRO

Works have now been tendered for the proposed US $3 billion, 39km Baghdad Metro, which will comprise two lines and 41 stations.


The first line of the metro will run 18km from Sadr City in the east, through the city centre towards the north, and will include 20 stations.


The second line will run 21km starting in the south of the city before crossing the river ,and onto west Baghdad, also featuring 21 stations.


France-based Systra has been appointed as the design consultant with design works having already commenced and completion of design anticipated for the first quarter of 2011.


It is understood that eight international companies are competing for the main contract to update its studies and designs; they comprise Arab companies, as well as American-, British-, German- and Polish companies, and two Italian firms. The client, Baghdad Municipality, is reviewing the technical studies for the Metro system.


And while eight international firms have been shortlisted for the study and design works, not all of the firms have yet confirmed their interest in bidding for the scheme.  Bids for the design and feasibility study consultancy contracts are expected to be submitted in the third quarter of this year.


Invitation to bid for the main construction contract is expected to be issued in March 2011, with construction scheduled to commence in the fourth quarter of 2011.


Client: Baghdad Municipality

Website: www.bm.gov.iq





The Iraq Ministry of Transportation is funding the construction of the $6 million Great Faw Port, which will include a 7000m dock for container ships and an additional 3500m dock for general cargo.


The port, to be located in Basra province in Southern Iraq, will be 17m deep, allowing it to receive the world’s biggest cargo ships.


Once built — in phases with a completion date of 2013 — the port will be the largest in the northern Gulf, and will complement the facilities available at Umm Qasr port, which is Iraq’s only deep-sea port at present.


Italy-based Impregilo is leading the consortium that has been awarded the design contract; other firms in the group include Grandi Lavori Fincosit, Todini Construzioni Generali, Salini Construttori, Bonatti Group, Condotte d’Acqua, Technital, Progetti Europa, RSG Progetti and Sina.


Invitation to bid for the main contract is expected to be issued this month.


Client: Iraq Ministry of Transportation

Website: www.motrans.gov.iq





The Iraq National Investment Commission is spearheading the construction of 500,000 low-cost houses in 15 governorates and the Kurdistan region of Iraq.


The housing units are requested to comply with set guidelines for size, layout, energy efficiency and construction materials. Current guidelines stipulate the construction cost of individual housing units cannot exceed $50,000, with individual units not exceeding 120m² and containing three bedrooms, a living room, bathroom, a kitchen and storage areas. Upon completion of the projects, developers will be required to sell the homes to individual buyers rather than sub-developers or real-estate brokers.


Bids have been submitted for the main contract. Evaluation is currently underway. An award is expected in the third quarter of 2010.


The project includes: 22,500 units in Anbar, 27,000 units in Babel, 112,000 units in Baghdad, 40,000 units in Basra, 17,500 units in Diwaniyah, 21,5000 units in Diayala, 15,500 units in Karbala, 20,000 units in Kirkuk, 70,000 units in Kurdistan, 15,500 units in Missan, 11,000 units in Muthana, 18,500 units in Najaf, 50,500 units in Ninewah, 19,500 units in Salah al-Din, 29,000 units in Thi Qar and 18,000 units in Wasit.


Client: Iraq National Investment Commission

Website: www.investpromo.gov.iq





The $15 billion Tarin Hills mixed-use scheme comprising housing units, retail outlets, commercial offices, hotel units, entertainment centres, sports facilities, schools, a health centre and an 18-hole golf course is due for completion in 2015.


Being developed by Dubai-based Damac Properties, the project will be situated in Kurdistan, covering an area of 170 million ft². Construction will be carried out in three phases with the first to cost $4.5 billion.


Client: Damac Properties

Website: www.damacproperties.com





The Iraq Civil Aviation Authority is to invite firms to bid for design works for the expansion of Baghdad International Airport, involving the construction of three additional passenger terminals, a free zone, warehouses, a business park and a cargo village that will comprise cargo terminals and storage facilities.


One of the passenger terminals will be able to accommodate an Airbus A380 aircraft and will include a domestic terminal.


The existing airport has one runway and three passenger terminals, which together can handle up to 7.5 million passengers a year; the $7 million expansion will increase the capacity to 15 million passengers a year, within five years.


The Iraq Civil Aviation Authority and the Ministry of Transportation are currently working on a master plan for the airport, which is due to be ready over the next few months. The client is planning to invite firms to bid for a contract to design the expansion soon.


Before the expansion can go ahead, Baghdad is hoping to raise between $5 billion and $7 billion of funding to finance the scheme.


The client is hopeful that it can find international investors to fund the expansion once a new government is in place.

Client: Iraq Civil Aviation Authority

Client: Iraq Civil Aviation Authority

Website: www.iraqcaa.com





The $140 million Salahaddin International Airport will be located in the Salahaddin Province of Northern Iraq, situated approximately 140km north west of Baghdad.


The new airport will benefit visitors to the large number of tourist and pilgrimage sites and will also support Baghdad International Airport in case of traffic emergencies.


The Iraq Civil Aviation Authority has handed over the land for the new airport to US-based contractor Leedco Engineers. Leedco is designing and planning the new airport and has also invested money to fund the scheme.


Construction work, including one runway and one taxiway, is scheduled to commence soon as the design is almost complete. Work is expected to be completed by 2012.


Client: Iraq National Investment Commission

Website: www.investpromo.gov.iq




The $3 billion steel mill will have an annual production capacity of 1.3 million tons of iron bars, 600,000 tons of section steel and 1.2 million tons of hot-rolled products, and will include a 500MW power station for the complex.


It will be implemented in either two or three phases; phase one is expected to cost $730 million and will include construction of a direct reduction plant, an electric furnace to build rebar and a power generation plant.


South Korea-based STX Heavy Industries is currently in negotiations for the engineering, procurement and construction contract, with contract conditions still being finalised.


The project is expected to be completed in around three and a half years, which includes time to resolve any future obstacles in the execution of the contract. Upon completion, the complex will be operated by the State Company for Iron & Steel (SCIS).


Client: Iraq Ministry of Industry and Materials

Website: www.industry.gov.iq





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