Neom appoints UK-based hospitality expert as tourism chief

CEO Al Nasr: Neom will be an “exceptional global tourism destination”

Aradhana Khowala has been appointed managing director of tourism at Neom city. Neom representatives also said that they would soon announce the city’s advisory board, which is said to include a team of the ‘world’s leading minds and experts, combining the best and brightest global experts to develop the future’.

Khowala, who is CEO and founder of UK-based Aptamind, is said to be an authority in the tourism and hospitality industry and boasts over 17 years of experience across 70 different countries.

Neom city is a key project of Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince and Deputy Prime Minister Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud. The $500bn mega city aims to transform the Kingdom into a leading global hub that exemplifies the future of human civilisation by offering its inhabitants an idyllic lifestyle combined with exceptional economic prospects.

Commenting on the appointment, CEO Nadhmi Al Nasr said, “We will be working alongside Khowala to make Neom an exceptional global tourism destination looking ahead to the future.”

The mega project is poised to be the world’s first independent special zone and will extend over three countries including Egypt and Jordan. Neom will be located in the northwestern region of Saudi Arabia and will occupy an area of 26,500sqkm.


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