Khimji Ramdas delivers large heavy generators in Oman

Lift and move specialist transports eight heat recovery steam generators weighing a total of 815t in Sohar

Khimji Ramdas Projects and Logistics Group, the Oman-headquartered freight, container, and cargo transport specialist, recently delivered a set of heat recovery steam generators (HRSGs) in Sohar, Oman, in a cargo comprising eight oversized pieces with a combined weight of 815t

The distance that the cargo was transported was 50km, from Sohar port to the job site. Khimji Ramdas took delivery of the items from a cargo vessel at the port, which brought in the eight pieces with dimensions of 26.3m by 5.4m by 3.6m.

The job involved jacking the loads onto customised stools, clearing customs, arranging escorts and civil work along the delivery route. Two lots of 18 axle lines of SPMT were used in the delivery.

Arijit Das, unit manager at Khimji Ramdas, said the scope of work also included surveying the route, arranging police permission to move the over-dimensional cargo and overseeing the entire delivery from start to finish of one piece per day with operations taking place after midnight as per police permissions.

“All eight pieces were delivered within the timeframe and the required civil works were managed at the bare minimum for manoeuvring the SPMTs within the delivery area, thereby minimising the costs and providing the most efficient solution to our valued client,” said Das.



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