IBC Solar equips two firms in Lebanon with solar power solutions

Lebanon has been an important market for IBC Solar since 2015

IBC Solar has equipped two factories in Lebanon with solar power solutions. A new Al-Kazzi baked nuts factory and Woody carpentry factory were both outfitted with solar technology by the firm’s local partner Smart Age.

According to a statement from IBC Solar, the Al-Kazzi factory is located in Hsoun and the owners were driven to adopt solar PV solutions to reduce energy costs and protect the environment. Smart Age is said to have conducted the site evaluation, determined the customer’s requirements and associated load curves. The project uses 615 IBC PolySol 265 CS modules and the IBC TopFix 200 mounting system.

Al-Kazzi is also said to be one of the first adopters of diesel-hybrid technology, which synchronises energy production of the PV system with diesel gensets during the day. The system has a capacity of 163 kWp and is expected to generate 263,000 kWh/year.

Located close to the Mediterranean Sea, the Woody factory opted for solar PV solutions due to high electricity costs. On this project, Smart Age used the IBC TopFix 200 Delta Support mounting structure because the non-penetrative assembly reduces the risk of roof leakage. 285 IBC PolySol 265CS modules with a total capacity of 75 kWp were installed and is expected to produce 121,000 kWh/year.


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