Cobiax Middle East growth and achievements recognised during Heinze Group CEO visit

Recent design studies include the Vida Residence, Expo 2020 Sustainability Pavilion and New Center of Excellence Complex

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Cobiax Middle East, headquartered in Dubai continues to grow. With the visit of worldwide licensor partner from Germany, the Heinze Group ( The Heinze Group honors the outstanding achievements of the Cobiax Middle East team. The Cobiax Middle East team, which specializes in the economic and long-lasting construction of slabs, contributes considerably to the economic development of the UAE and Middle East construction industry.

Azzam Khaled, CEO of Cobiax Middle East: “I’m fully delighted about the visit of our German friends. We have concluded several new agreements to contribute to the long-lasting growth of Cobiax in the Middle East region. With our consultants, our design team and sales partners we have established a community of experts in the building industry.”

Cobiax Middle East has proved the effectiveness of their design studies through numerous examples in the building industry. The most recent examples in the UAE are among others Vida Residence, Expo 2020 Sustainability Pavilion and New Center of Excellence Complex and there are many more projects to come.

Cobiax partners are currently considering several options to enhance the delivery times, economical efficiency through local mass production to meet increasing demand in the Middle East.

Jörg Tilmes, CEO of The Heinze Group of Companies: “It was a pleasure for our German team to enjoy the hospitality of our Arabic friends. With our direct manufacturing and presence here in the region we will be able to serve our clients in a more effective and timely manner with our German cutting edge technology.”

Cobiax Slabs is a special biaxial, voided slab system developed by Cobiax Technologies AG of Switzerland. The concept of Cobiax is to replace the non-working concrete in the slab with voids. The immediate result is optimization of concrete and up to 35% reduction in the slab self-weight while still providing a high equivalent stiffness. Cobiax products are green products, not only made of recycled and recyclable materials, but it saves money for the consumer, it escalates the construction process productivity, it reserves natural resources, saves energy and reduces pollution, and most importantly, with every cubic meter of saved concrete, Cobiax prevents 210 kg of CO2 from being missioned into atmosphere (each produced cubic meter of concrete, chemically produces 210 kg of CO2).



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