First Middle East Hindu stone temple to be built in UAE

Project will be managed by BAPS Swaminarayan Sanstha group and is on track for 2020 completion

The region’s first traditional Hindu stone temple is to be built at Abu Mureikha, off the Dubai-Abu Dhabi highway. According to a report by The National, the temple will feature stones carved by temple artisans in India and assembled in the UAE, with completion scheduled for 2020.

BAPS Swaminarayan Sanstha will be responsible for the design, construction and management of the temple. The group is currently responsible for the management of 1,200 temples around the world, in countries such as Africa, Australia, Canada, India, as well as the UK and US.

The project will occupy 55,000sqm of land and will include a visitor centre, prayer halls, learning areas, a sports area for children, thematic gardens, water features, a food court and a books and gift shop. The temple will be open to people of all religions and is part of the UAE’s aim to foster tolerance and peaceful coexistence.

A BAPS spokesperson noted that the temple will serve those practicing the Hindu faith within the country, as well as tourists visiting from abroad.

The report states that the Abu Dhabi temple will likely resemble the Akshardham (meaning divine abode of God) temple in New Delhi, India and another under construction temple in New Jersey.


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