Atkins predicts future of Middle East built environment

Firm sees numerous changes in terms of sustainability, building design and community living

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Atkins has made several predictions on the future of the built environment space in the region, based on research that polled 126 of its design, engineering and project management experts in the Middle East.

The study found that 85% of Atkins employees in the Middle East believe that sustainability will be at the core of all future building developments.

The study was released as part of the consultancy’s 50th anniversary in the Middle East.

Research revealed that all buildings will be environmentally friendly/sustainable (61%), and there will be a great focus on community living (49%). The firm’s employees also believed that more uniquely designed buildings are on the horizon (44%).

The poll also indicated that the innovations that have the highest chance of coming to light in the infrastructure sector include extensions to existing metros and increases in speed, a greater focus on underground tunnel systems, and a network of driverless cars with dedicated lanes. The study also predicted more low level buildings rather than skyscrapers.

Properties of the future are also predicted to use smart technology and designs that are inspired by the natural world, along with commonplace living walls and rooftop gardens. In the aviation sector predictions pointed to automated check-ins (94%), biometric gates (90%) and laser powered security scanners (90%) as possible innovations on the horizon.

The firm’s employees also said that forward thinking leaders and governments, and leveraging such as Expo 2020 and the Middle East’s geographical location will all play key parts in the future of the region’s built environment.


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