Linden Comansa introduces CUBE cabin for tower cranes

New design maximises space, visibility and features to provide better work environment for improved safety and productivity


Tower crane manufacturer Linden Comansa has come up with a new model of cabin for its cranes, offering greater space and optimum visibility to operators.

The Spanish manufacturer said in a statement that the new cabin, called CUBE, combines productivity and comfort with sleek looks and superior visibility. The entire front of the cabin, its sides and the front sections of the floor and roof are all made of glass, which ensure proper visibility of the working area below as well as above when installed in luffing jib crane models. This optimum visibility of the load and working area enables the operator to have greater control over the operations and the surrounding area, which translates into greater safety.

In terms of the external appearance, Linden Comansa added, the aim is a modern and innovative design that gives its cranes a distinctive look.

The statement added that the new cab will be available in two sizes – L and XL – and comes as standard with most Linden Comansa cranes. The smaller crane models, i.e. the 11LC132 and 11LC90 and the models from Linden Comansa’s LC500 range, will be keeping their current, smaller cabs for now. The new L and XL cabs are slightly bigger than the current ones, so they cannot be installed on tower cranes that have already been delivered.

The manufacturer added that the new design has also made it possible to significantly increase the amount of equipment, such as a multifunction touch screen, which emits warning lights and sounds about the state of the machine. A video camera is also offered as an option to aid all-round visibility. The intensity of the lighting inside the cab can also be controlled and programmed, as can the interior temperature.

A split type air conditioner can also be pre-installed on the roof, while a hands-free Bluetooth option is available for communicating on a mobile phone via in-cab speakers. Charging points for electronic devices are also available.

The XL CUBE cab will start being shipped in October, while the L size will be shipped from November.


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