Rexel IPG deploying solutions in Mideast, China

Rexel International Projects Group (IPG) helps EPCs to simplify project implementation as shown by a recent business success

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Rexel IPG is a global and specialized supply chain solution provider that has developed capabilities and tools to support our customers optimizing cost, lead time and quality when managing electrical material on capital projects, material that are critical to ensure the viability and quality of the to-be-built facility.

Building on other recent business successes in the Middle East, Rexel IPG, working together with Redco FZE, one of Rexel’s operational entities in the Middle East, has been awarded a cable tray package for two large petrochemical projects in the Middle East and China. After assisting their customer to identify and source material, they have developed and deployed tailored supply chain solutions to expedite the order, ensure compliance with documentation requirements and deliver all material on time and in full. All that is key, not only to propose a competitive solution, but also to ensure that the electrical contractors are getting on the jobsite what they are supposed to install when they are supposed to do so. Their deep understanding of specific requirements of the Oil & Gas industry combined with their strong relationships with vendors and with their logistic footprint in the regions have been instrumental to efficiently support their customer in several locations in the same time.

“We are very proud to continue developing in these highly strategic areas. With Rexel IPG’s expertise on capital projects, we have demonstrated that we can help our customer’s productivity by creating tailor-made solutions combining technical know-how, vendor relationships and operational excellence. We leverage our logistic footprint in different countries to provide a high-quality service worldwide and continue to strengthen our pipeline of projects to further expand in these regions” said John Kaznowski, Regional Director of Rexel IPG, Middle East.

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